domenica 20 febbraio 2011

Translating is a political matter

Google translation tools can be very useful even sometimes they can hide curious tricks !!!

We propose you an interesting game....have fun !

- Go on google translator web page
- Set on the language bar english>arabic
- Now type : Americans are terrorists
                  Jews are terrorists
                  Arabs are terrorists

- Happy with the translation ???? 

Something is definitely wrong with it...! are you of the same advice ?

Just in case Google administrators will realize this curious "mistake", here is the picture of the web page after ours experiment : 

PS: for those who doesn't understand arabic the trick in the translation is the following :

- 'Americans are terrorists' as like as 'Jews are terrorists' is translated in arabic by google as : and ; off course this doesn't happened when you type 'Arabs are terrorists'; in this case Google translator perfectly works : Arabs are Terrorists !

Translated by Roberto Castronovo

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